• Susanne Klimt

"Heilan Coo" - Highland Cattle Portrait -new painting by Susanne Klimt

Highland Cattle is to be seen all over Scotland. These hairy animals look like a plush toy and people from all over the world love them.

That`s the reason why Susanne Klimt has created a portrait of this beautiful creatures.

It is a very big painting in acryl. 160cm x 120 cm. So she was able to paint every single hair in incredible details.

If you ever travel to Scotland and see one cow, please be careful! Their horns are very dangerous and can make deep wounds. This adorable animals are very peaceful, but if they turn their heads around the can sting you very deep into your body.

Highland Cattle is very resistant against all kind of weather. Even if it is cold outside, or stormy - they don`t care.

Did you know that if a calf is born and someone gives it a name, it never will find it`s end at the butcher?! In Scotland the farmer say if an animal has a name it will never be slaughtered!

So that is the reason why most of the "Heilan Coos" as the cow is called in Scots have a name and live a long life on the meadows.

Highland cattle - adorable living plush toys in scottish landscapes!

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