Susanne Klimt 

Scottish dreams

The name speaks for itself!

The artist and author, Susanne Klimt is an expert of Scotland. Through her pictures she expresses her love for her country.

She became very popular and famous as a VIP in the media through her numerous appearances on TV and through worldwide contributions about her in well-known magazines.

She illustrates her books with a unique style, presenting the energy and magical charm of Scotland to the eyes of the viewer.


About the artist:

Susanne Klimt was born 1966 under the sign of Leo. She has been an artist, author, and seer since adolescence.


With her unique pictures and illustrations, she brings people back to the ancient myths lovingly, ensuring that no old knowledge is lost.

The subjects and images are unique and met with great approval throughout the world.

The sea, highly spiritual nature, ancient legends, and her strong connection to Scotland are an essential part of her pictures.

What is painted with passion can give love and harmony to everyone.

Everything she produces comes from the heart and lovingly depicts the culture and history of Scotland in an enchanting way.

Scotland in all its beauty - a genuine S. Klimt