Art and More is more than just a platform for art. It is not about offering a large quantity of pictures, sculptures, or other creative items.

Art and More is presenting selected pieces made by Scottish artists with love and passion for this breathtaking country for people all over the world.

Scotland offers the artist, with its world-famous landscapes, ancient traditions and legends, and a large amount of opportunities, giving the art lover and fan of ancient traditions an insight, and furthermore, the option to acquire related art.

The close contact with the artists also makes it possible to receive an explanation of the spectrum of this multifaceted art.

At art exhibitions, which in most cases also support charitable causes, visitors will be able to start a dialogue with one of the artists.

Since art can express itself through painting, dance, language, craftsmanship, as well as music and singing, you will find here a mixed potpourri of ideas.

We inform you about current events and news on our homepage.

Art and More is looking forward to start a dialogue with art lovers and artists!

With creative greetings from Scotland,

Susanne Klimt



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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