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Art and More goes online!

Scottish art now available on our new website

Cawdor Castle Susanne Klimt
Cawdor Castle Susanne Klimt

Welcome to our brandnew homepage!

May i introduce myself?

My name is Susanne Klimt im the director of Art and More and it`s a great pleasure for me, to show you my scottish art.

I love Scotland from the bottom of my heart. I invite you in my world of mystical landscape painting, majestic castles and historical places.

I have written several books about Scotland and in numerous shows on TV i talked about Scotland, to show my audience the beauty of this unique country - the country of my heart.

Art and More

Art and More

This website is also dedicated to many other scottish artists like musicians, sculptors, actors,fashion designer, poets, artisans and much more. We all love Scotland!That`s the reason why Art and More wants to show you a wide range of scottish artists and art.

Kind regards
Susanne Klimt

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